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International Day against pain

Back pain, headache, arthrosis, oncological pain, “phantom arm” syndrome. These are just few examples of chronic pain that affects more than 12 millions of Italians, 20% of active population, with inevitable consequences for life quality and work and with huge social and healthcare costs.
In fact, every year in Italy we loose more than one billion of working hours because of chronic pain and we spent almost two billions for drugs and healthcare services, sometimes inadequate.

In any case we can fight and attend chronic pain: we have just to know how to do it and who to contact. To inform citizens about available therapies and specialized centres in the territory, to spread knowledge about law 38/2010 rights and to have funds for scientific research, since 2011, on October, Fondazione ISAL organizes in Italy the National day against pain.
Promoted by the Republic Presidency and the patronages of Senate, Parliament and Health Minister, the National Day Against Pain has comic actor Fabio De Luigi like testimonial.

From Rome to Milan, From Cosenza to Torino, From Agrigento to Cagliari and Bergamo, Trento and Udine the National day provides for awareness and information initiatives in the main cities of Italy with also international collaborations. In the squares and hospitals, associazioni territoriali Amici di ISAL  (ISAL friends territorial associations) and several Onlus partners volunteers in association with medical doctors and white coats, inform citizens about how and where to cure chronic pain, explaining what to do and what to ask, at home, to the family doctor and in the health infrastructures, to don’t suffer and to live without pain. Moreover, money given by people during the National day will be donated to scientific research. What’s the aim? Find a therapy for diseases nowadays without cures.

Since 2013,
with the agreement of important cities in Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Australia and USA, this important event has reached a continental dimension becoming the International Day against the pain. This is a very important step that significantly intensifies Fondazione ISAL relationships with the world, underling the necessity to create an even stronger network in the territory with an increasing number of different experiences.

This represents also the concrete start point for the realization of the 1st Chronic Pain Research and Therapy European Institute.



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